Halloween Episode

Halloween Episode

In this very special spooooooooooky episode we discuss Halloween costumes as kids and adults (and Charlie’s of course!) as well as candy you can only get in Canada and recommend our favourite Halloween movies!

Super Charlie! And his friend Bat-Finn!

Show Notes:

Candy that is truly Canadian 

Lindsay recommends “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”

Sara recommends “Arachnophobia

Nicole recommends “The Nightmare Before Christmas


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  1. Loved this episode! I purchased the Little Mermaid costume at a Disney store in West Virginia when I was attending a conference in Washington D. C. It came with the red wig. Nicole wore the costume to the Halloween party at school but could only wear the tail along with warm clothes on the upper part of her body when she went out trick or treating at night because the top of the costume was a bikini top. The tail was something she could get into and it was made of a stuffed material so it was warm!
    As far as why some chocolate bars aren’t available in the USA, it’s because Cadbury is a British company so their bars and cocoa could be exported to the British Colonies. Hershey’s the big USA chocolate company had a monopoly on chocolate in the US. I believe it still does today. In Canada we’re free to choose for ourselves which chocolate to eat!

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