Episode 8

Episode 8

In our eighth episode we discuss one of our group’s motivational tools, the Friendly Fitness Wager!  We also add delicious Beaver Tails to our Canadian section and add a new section to Where in the World is Captain Charlie!

Show Notes:

This week we are once again recommending to each other!

Lindsay is recommending “This Rough Magic” by Mary Stewart

Sara is recommending “Dragon Flight” from the Dragon Riders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey

(PS: check out Sara’s awesome other podcast Nature Finds a Way!)

Nicole is recommending “Sleeping with the Fishes” from the Mermaid Series by MaryJanice Davidson


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  1. Thanks for explaining where Charlie got his Captain’s papers. I’ve wondered about that. Another enjoyable podcast. I love the idea of the FFW! Your book recommendations sound interesting. Until next time

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