Episode 3

Episode 3

In our third episode we discuss the majestic and mythical Scorca!

We also discuss the Victoria Day long weekend in our Canadian section and give another exciting update as to Where in the World is Captain Charlie!

Show Notes:

This week we have started our recommendations to each other!

Lindsay is recommending Inspector Lewis Season 3 Episode 2 “The Quality of Mercy”

Nicole is recommending Parks and Recreation Season 3 Episode 2 “Flu Season”

Sara is recommending Star Trek Deep Space 9 Season 5 Episode 22 “Children of Time”

Check out Sara’s other podcast, Nature Finds a Way!

Info on Queen Victoria one of the longest reigning monarchs of the UK of whom Victoria Day celebrates

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  1. Scorca! Really? Can you tell the difference between each one by the white markings on their backs?
    Another delightful podcast. I’m looking forward to watching the episodes you each recommended.

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