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  1. Another great podcast! You are all extraordinaire ❤️ I do believe
    The sport you couldn’t remember is Biathlon. It’s not hard to see the origin of an event that combines skiing and guns: the event used to be called “military patrol”. It combines cross country skiing and target shooting with missed targets earning a penalty loop of extra skiing.
    The 2010 Olympics were one of my favourites because I was actively involved as a volunteer for figure skating and short track speed skating in Vancouver! My husband was a volunteer too. On the first day of volunteering he tripped on the curb while crossing the street on his way to the venue and had to receive medical attention. He spent the rest of the time on crutches while he volunteered! He volunteered inside the venue and got to sit down most of the time. My time was spent mostly outside checking identifications, doing security checks, sending people through the scanners, meeting and greeting athletes and spectators, ushering, and directing spectators to the buses and parking lots after the events were over. Scanning Elvis Stoyko’s ID and getting a hug from him was a highlight for me! Also, volunteers were getting thanked by spectators and athletes all the time. I was so proud to be a Canadian and to volunteer!
    On the first day working in the venue, it was quite obvious that there weren’t enough women’s washrooms. So we persuaded the powers that be to change the signs on some of the men’s washrooms to “women’s”. This worked well and prevented lineups. Trying to explain what a urinal was to older women who had never seen one before was most interesting, especially to women who didn’t understand English or French!
    Volunteers have to arrange for their own accommodation. Luckily, our daughter put us up in her one bedroom very small apartment. Having roommates that you didn’t see a lot really helped. I watched the Opening Ceremonies in a pub on large screen televisions. When the Team Canada athletes marched into the stadium, the owner of the pub ran around the pub with a large Canadian flag on a pole. He was so proud of being in Canada and running a successful business. The whole pub erupted with cheers for both Team Canada and the owner of the pub! We flew home after the games and didn’t volunteer for the Paralympics.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane ❤️
    Go Team Canada Go ❤️

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