Episode 1

Episode 1

In our premiere episode we introduce ourselves and discuss our history and the origin of Captain Charlie!

Show Notes:

Arrogant Worms

Cod Fish Heritage Moment

Charlie at Cape Spear, the most Easterly point in North America!



Four Winds Saison

Myths and Legends Podcast

-Revisiting the 90’s (suggestions include Buffy and Friends!)


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Life Wives For Life is produced and created by Lindsay, Sara and Nicole and hosted by physarumconnections.com

2 Replies to “Episode 1”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your first episode! Be careful with the ring bear and Charlie because bears eat fish The origin of Charlie was interesting. Speaking of Joshua Jackson, my favourite 90’s show is Dawson’s Creek Love the hashtag #LW4L ❤️ Well done.

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