Author: Lindsay

Episode 5

Episode 5

In our fifth episode we discuss our love of making playlists and how we use them to define our year and remember special times.

We also give an update as to Where in the World is Captain Charlie AND tell a story about one of his exciting past adventures in our Canadian segment!


Nicole now likes beer!  She drank Parallel 49 Apricotopus while we recorded!

Sister Act and Sister Act 2 (Article by Entertainment Weekly with Whoopi Goldberg discussing the 25th anniversary)

Sherlock Season 4

Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

Episode 4

Episode 4

In our fourth episode we follow up on our recommendations to each other from last episode (NOTE: contains spoilers of very old TV episodes!), the history of “Eh!” and follow up on Where in the World is Captain Charlie!

We also discuss our 1k to a House Party as a recommendation to you-we would love to hear what events you plan or attend to raise money!

Show Notes:

Everyone’s Free to Wear Sunscreen (are you listening Nicole?!)

The original CBC article discussing the history of Eh

Bob and Doug McKenzie 

Two Excellent West Wing Podcasts: The West Wing Weekly and Jed Bartlet is My President



Episode 3

Episode 3

In our third episode we discuss the majestic and mythical Scorca!

We also discuss the Victoria Day long weekend in our Canadian section and give another exciting update as to Where in the World is Captain Charlie!

Show Notes:

This week we have started our recommendations to each other!

Lindsay is recommending Inspector Lewis Season 3 Episode 2 “The Quality of Mercy”

Nicole is recommending Parks and Recreation Season 3 Episode 2 “Flu Season”

Sara is recommending Star Trek Deep Space 9 Season 5 Episode 22 “Children of Time”

Check out Sara’s other podcast, Nature Finds a Way!

Info on Queen Victoria one of the longest reigning monarchs of the UK of whom Victoria Day celebrates